About Us

  Chen Liquid Heater Ltd.- Company profile

Chen Liquid Heater Ltd. is a family owned company located in the south- west of Israel (Negev). We specialize in the planning and installation of energy-saving projects primarily for heating water. We manufacture and market a unique electromagnetic system based on the induction method. We also provide modern heat pumps, solar panels and tanks accompanied by a sophisticated control board. The equipment is fully remote controlled with adapted command systems to enable our customer to save their energy expenses significantly.

 With our long experience, we are committed to supply our customers with an optimally adjusted heating system. Several hundred projects nationwide have been carried out satisfactionly in various sectors. In many cases, Ma'ayan, our patented unique induction unit, provides high benefits to the system. We at Chen offer a high level of reliable customer service and have established an excellent reputation as a specialist in our field. We have installed over 20 large projects at leading industrial companies and more than 12 systems which are operating successfully in large military bases. Several projects were installed in retirement facilities, hotels and MIKVES (ritual bath).

There are many uses for hot liquids; therefore, we have developed a unique solution for heating water, especially for multiple showers.

   Our technology is very Energy efficient; in some cases saving up to 70% of the heating cost.

Electromagnetic inductive heater provides higher safety standards systems for rapidly heating water to very high temperature with much less lime scale and prevention of Legionella Pneumophila and many other virulent bacteria.

    More than 400 commercial installations with very low maintenance fee are now running.

Our unit has proved reliable in various work environments such as industry, hotels, milk pasteurizing, industrial oil heating, private house, swimming pools, saunas gyms, hospitals, Agriculture (nurseries, dairy farm) and laboratories or any other necessity use of hot water.

On average, based on today’s cost, the ROI for the system is between 18 –24 months. Our mission is to provide a reliable supply of hot water with low energy costs. Successful applications are achieved with a comprehensive solution

Since 1994, when the patent was registered, we have developed many types of water heating solutions.  Eng. Daniel Coriat, who holds a Masters degree in water engineering, has been the Chairman since 2006. He has more than 20 years' experience  in water management and related activities. Today Chen Liquids Ltd. has 15 employees and is managed by Elad Coriat.